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Oct 17, 2012 7:30am EDT
. obama campaign adviser jon schnur defended the president's policies in his first term while romney campaign adviser martin west addressed what a romney administration education plan would look like. this is an hour, 20 minutes. >> here at the american enterprise institute. delighted to have all of you with us today for this conversation, education reform in the next white house, a conversation with the obama and romney campaigns. we have with us today two of the more prominent surrogates who have advised both president obama and governor romney on issues relating to education, that they have been out speaking on behalf of the campaigns and helping to formulate strategy and policy for the next four years. they are not official, paid employees of either the administration or the romney campaign, so they are speaking in that capacity as representatives rather than paid employees. and if there is occasionally a question where in that capacity they have not been privy to specific information, i think we will make allowances. a couple of things before we get started. first, please make s
Oct 10, 2012 7:30am EDT
potatoes left on the plate. jon huntsman. show thy wee. he likes to speak mandarin in his sleep. arlen specter. lincoln chafee. you understand your boos fall on deaf ears because these are courageous men of great principle and great conviction because when push came to shove, they really weren't conservative at all. in other words, they really weren't republican, at least successful ones. so our second award for tonight is appropriately called, and this is in true fashion, the vast right-wig -- right-wing knuckle draggers award. to demonstrate this hostility to all things conservative, now need only compare their treatment of us and ten their treatment of their fellow liberals. so we're going to give you a sampling to prove the point just so you get it. so you think dan quayle v. al gore, you think maybe bush v. obama, you think george clooney v. clint eastwood. their idea of balance. ♪ >> quayle and his supporters throw a protective arm around the national guard as though the institution itself were under attack. it, of course, is not. he and his apart id i don't care rah si are. >>
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
. but they can't actually talk and collaborate in that fashion. >> technically. jon stewart and stephen colbert did -- >> i think that were illegal isolate. >> when stephen colbert speak when they pretended to talk to one of their lawyers. i would say that was a violation of law. there are two other players that are minor but quickly with mentioned the one is a super pac opposed to a good old-fashioned plain old pack. it can take only limited contributions to your limit to how much money you can give to aipac, and the pac and and independent expenditures, or do this before, davis went directly to candidate campaigns. that's what aipac gives. the one final players will we might call a generic 527, as ken said super pac is a form of 527, aipac, a generic 527, talked about in 2004 is a group that spends money on issue ads that sound a lot like political ads by technically don't advocate the election or any can do. the reason i mention this is if groups were not defined as 501(c) fours, it's not like the witnesses shall have to go out of business, they would just become 527s and he does think it wo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3